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Release date : 1/10/2021
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"MERKUR 2" is :

Daniel Stokart : saxes, flutes & USOs (USO: unindentified sound object)
Henri Greindl : electronic instruments & eclectic guitars

Recorded & mixed at Mogno Studio between july 2015 & march 2019 by Henri Greindl, mastered at Studio Simonnes by David Minjauw - march 2019 / graphic design by Henri Greindl / marketed by Mogno Music - / ©2020 SABAM all rights reserved

MERKUR 2 : "Partita"

The compositions and improvisations of Merkur 2 are rooted in the electro-psychedelic and ambient currents of the 70s and the jazz experiments that followed, while also drawing inspiration from extraterrestrial music. Henri Greindl plays electronic instruments and eclectic guitars, and Daniel Stokart - Henri's accomplice for many years - saxes, flutes and other USOs (unidentified sonorous objects).
Les compositions et improvisations de Merkur 2 s'enracinent dans les courants électro-psychédélique et ambiant des années 70 et les expérimentations jazz qui ont suivis, tout en s’inspirant aussi des musiques extra-terrestres. Henri Greindl joue les instruments électroniques et les guitares éclectiques, et Daniel Stokart - complice de Henri depuis de longues années - les saxes, flûtes et autres OSNIs (objets sonores non identifiés).

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