Duo Gaquere/Martins :

Boris Gaquere - guitar, compositions

Renato Martins - percussions, compositions

special guest :
Henri Greindl - bass, cavaquinho
Daniel Stokart - saxes, flute

Contacts :

Mail to : info at mognomusic.com

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Mail to : info at mognomusic.com

Gaquere/Martins - "Tempo Feliz"

"Amazing, the results obtained by these two musicians of such differing musical backgrounds. Boris Gaquerre's expressive virtuosity and Renato Martins' rythmical precision applied to these great composers for the Brazilian guitar, shows that music knows no frontiers, and that all is possible when what is in question is talent."
(Ulisses Rocha)

"Tempo Feliz is a great recording, bare, sober, incisive, full of life and rythm. An original duo formed of a Belgian guitarist (Boris Gaquere) and a Brazilian percussionist (Renato Martins).
The material is written and arranged by contemporary Brazilian guitarists and composers (Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira). Also to be found, music from Baden Powell and Luís Bonfá arranged here by the great Sérgio Assad. Boris Gaquere also proposes his own music imbued with the colours of Brazil. There is in Boris a marvellous control of the guitar and a beautiful essential rythmic sprightliness for this demanding repertoire. He finds in Renato Martins, straight out of São Paulo, an ideal partner for these melodies. I very much enjoy this recording."
(Philip Catherine)


Renato Martins, Brazilian percussionist, and Boris Gaquere, Belgian guitarist, met in Brussels in 2004, during Renato first stay in Belgium.
Boris’ approach to the traditional “Brazilian“ classical guitar style, influenced by his studies with Odair Assad, allows him to tour worldwide.

Renato’s creativity with the Cajón and especially the Moringa, or clay pot, has made him to be regarded as Brazil’s percussion rejuvenator.

As this recording clearly shows, they meet/blend in perfect harmony and emphasize the existing bond they share between virtuosity and swing of the Brazilian rhythms.

Their repertoire, in addition to their own compositions, contains a great number of Brazilian pieces by guitarists and composers of renown (Baden-Powell, Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira, etc). The set is a musical festival of instrumental rhythms and colours.

To complement their duet and solo performances, they invited Henri Greindl, on bass guitar and cavaquinho, and Daniel Stokart on soprano saxophone to join them on this, their first cd together.

01 Tempo Feliz (Baden Powell) 3’25’’
02 Viol‹o no Samba (Lu’s Bonf‡)
03 Sai do Ch‹o (Paulo Bellinati)
04 Baile Funk (Boris Gaquere) 6’41’’
05 Felicidade (V. de Moraes / A. C. Jobim) 3’53’’
06 Sampraladeb‹o (Renato Martins)
07 Pixaim (Marco Pereira)
08 Pulo do Gato (Paulo Bellinati )
09 Escola de Samba (Boris Gaquere)
10 P‹o de AŤścar (Boris Gaquere)
11 Carioca (Boris Gaquere)
12 O Choro de Juliana (Marco Pereira)