Stéphane Mercier 4tet
Stéphane Mercier saxophone & flute
Charles Loos piano
Bas Cooijmans doublebass
Marek Patrman drums, derbouka & shaker


Stéphane Mercier +32 (0)494 88 35 69

Recorded, mixed & masterised by Dan Lacksman (assisted by Samuel) @ Synsound studio Brussels - january 2008 / cover design by Signé Lazer
Réalisé avec l’aide du Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service des Musiques non classiques

Stéphane Mercier 4tet - "Walking the soul map

Stéphane Mercier and Charles Loos have been playing in a "traditional set-up" quartet since 2006 only, and even though the chemistry and its magic was present from the very first note they played, the group gained maturity in an unusual fast manner. "Walking the Soul Map" proves it. Whatever the material is: originals, standards or covers, the quartet offers deep swing, melancholy, energy, humor, and at times all of it together...