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Release date : 1/1/2011
Price : 12€

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"Anne Wolf Trio + voices" is :

Anne Wolf : piano
Theo de Jong : bass
Janco van der Kaaden : percussion
Marcia Maria : vocal Special guest on “Misterios do coraçao”
Ben Ngabo : vocal Special guest on “Le Chemin de Pierre” and “Babu, Buba & Seedy”
Mizzy : vocal Special guest on “Babu, Buba & Seedy” and “12 to 14”
Christa Jérôme : vocal Special guest on “Babu, Buba & Seedy”

Recorded by Michel Andina at Studio Jet, 24-27 August 2010 / Mixed and mastered by Michel Andina at MA’s Studio, October 2010 / Sleeve design by Herb Cells ( / Musicians pictures by Pascal Praet Piano hiring & tuning: Logo Maene marketed by Mogno Music - / ©2010 SABAM all rights reserved

This album is dedicated to my “big love” Theo and my “little big love” Lenny. I will never be able to thank Theo enough or give him back at least half of all he already gave and still gives me every day. His support and inspiration as a musical guide, bassplayer, friend, father of our son, his constant love and encouragements are my daily gifts! He also made the editing works on this CD as well as the website. I’d like to thank Henri and Christine, all my friends, colleagues and family who helped me to make this CD happen as well as all contributors to the subscription. Some musicians from far to close helped the repertoire or the musical concept to grow, thanks to: Jens Bouttery (a very special thank!), Fred Malempré, Jan de Haas, Robin Verheyen, Cedric Waterschoot, Bart Fermie. Thanks to Pierre Van Dormael and Weber Iago for being my friends and a great source of inspiration! And welcome to the Trio, Janco, thanks for your talent, constant availability and patience! (Anne Wolf)

Anne Wolf Trio + voices : "Moon at Noon"

Anne Wolf sketches out of silence a delicate and sophisticated music that speaks to the heart. The intimate collaboration between piano, bass and percussion, is joined on some tracks by the voices of Christa, Mizzi, Ben Ngabo or Marcia Maria, revealing the colourful shades of Africa or Brazil, making this CD like a grain of sand that grows slowly and surely into a fully formed pearl.
Anne Wolf peint sur la toile du silence une musique délicate et sophistiquée qui s'adresse directement au coeur. A la complicité intime du trio piano/basse/percussions se joignent au détour d'un morceau les voix de Christa Jerôme, Mizzy, Ben Ngabo ou Marcia Maria qui renforcent les couleurs d'Afrique ou du Brésil et achèvent de faire de ce CD un bijou qui s'impose discrétement, mais sûrement, comme une évidence.