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Release date : 10/9/2011
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"Charles Loos" is :

Charles Loos : Piano, Compositions
Ali Ryerson : Alto flute
Fabrice Alleman, Bernard Guyot, Stéphane Mercier, Steve Houben, André Donni : Saxes
Richard Rousselet, Jean-Paul Estiévenart : Trumpet
Phil Abraham : Trombone
Caroline Bayet, Virginie Petit, Wendy Ruymen, Kathy Adam : Strings
Peter Hertmans : Guitar
Anne Niepold : Accordion
Paul Flush : Hammond Organ
Bas Cooymans, Yannick Peeters, Jean Van Lint : double bass
Henri Greindl : bass
Luc Vanden Bosch : drums
Jan de Haas : drums

All tracks, previously unpublished, recorded between 2006 and 2011 by Bernard Focquet at WAZIF Studio (Belgium) except: track 2, recorded by Dave Phillips at Hidden Valley Music Seminars (USA ); track 5, recorded live by Henri Greindl at Salle Columban (Louvranges-Belgium); track 8, recorded live by Pascale Snoeck at Le Marni (Brussels); track 12, recorded live by Henri Greindl at Le Rideau Rouge (Lasne-Belgium) / All tracks edited, mixed and mastered by Bernard Focquet at WAZIF Studio (Belgium), summer 2011, except: tracks 5 & 12, edited and mixed by Henri Greindl at Mogno São Paulo Studio (Brazil), spring 2011 / All tracks published by WAZIF sprl, except track 2 / cover design by Signé Lazer / marketed by Mogno Music - / ©2011 SABAM all rights reserved. Wazif Studio -

Charles Loos : "Three times twenty"

Belgian pianist and composer Charles Loos, to mark his 3 x 20 years, has put together the best of unpublished recording on this cd. 11 original compositions, some of them recorded specifically for this cd. And the invited musicians who appear on this CD are … 25 in all!
Le 60ème anniversaire de Charles Loos a servi de prétexte pour ouvrir une malle aux trésors riches d’enregistrements de compositions personnelles inédites interprétées avec près d’une trentaine de merveilleux musiciens.

YouTube :
Charles Loos - In C Minor Again (Live at Théâtre Marni)