mognomusic is an independant record label based in Belgium, founded and led by a musician : Henri Greindl.
Mogno takes also care of the booking of some of the artists having their cds published on the label.

We have 4 collections :

  • J - "Jazz & improvised music"
Jazz is tolerance... improvisation is communication...
  • F - "Fusions"
Meetings of differents cultures, with a reflexion and a thought behind it, and not casual meetings!
  • X - "X-perimental and new music"
Unique musical x-periences... don't hesitate to x-plore it!
  • R - "Roots"

The holders of the tradition are showing the original music without trickery.


Henri Greindl

direction, production
T + 32 (0) 2 358 45 12
F + 32 (0) 2 358 47 15


("Mogno" : South American name of an endangered tree of the mahogany family, one of the rarest in the Amazonian forest.)