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Alex Beaurain 5tet :

Alex Beaurain : guitars, compos
Erik Bogaerts : sax
Eve Beuvens : piano
Olivier Stalon : basses, vocal
Toon Van Dionant : drums

Recorded by Rudy Coclet 10 & 11 of july 2013
Mixed & mastered by David Minjauw, july 2013
Photos & layout by Alex Beaurain

Produced by Alex Beaurain (with a little help from Mogno Music)

Marketed by Mogno Music

Alex Beaurain 5tet - "Sentiments d’un clown"

This new quintet is definitly modern! The solid basis provided by Toon Van Dionant (drums) and Olivier Stalon (bass), allows Erik Bogaerts (sax & cl), Eve Beuvens (piano) and Alex Beaurain (guitar) to reveal the brilliance of the compositions with fluency and lightness. These, all original, show a rigorous writing work while leaving a wide place for interpretation and improvisation. Sensitive and energetic, the music comes to life through ballads with delicate harmonies and melodies with surprising rhythms.


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