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Release date : 9/9/2006
Price : 12€

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"Peter Hertmans - Erwin Vann 4tet featuring Nic Thys and Billy Hart" is :

Erwin Vann : tenor saxophone
Peter Hertmans : guitar
Nic Thys : double bass
Billy Hart : drums

Produced by Peter Hertmans & Erwin Vann Recorded and mixed September 11-14, 2002 at "Acoustic Recording Studio" by Michael Brorby Brooklyn, NY Mastered by Michel Andina at his place, June 28, 2006. Cover art, design & layout by Paul Rouard

Special thanks to : Axel Dumont, Rowena Meenderman, Jan Leconte, Vlaamse Overheid, Sandra Van Rolleghem, and to Nic and Billy.

Peter Hertmans - Erwin Vann 4tet featuring Nic Thys and Billy Hart : "Stone Sculpture"

Maybe cover notes in praise of the music are unnecessary. It was my dream to make a record with Erwin Vann. We talked about doing so in New York and thought it a wonderful idea to contact a master drummer we both admired since years, the great Billy Hart. Instead of inviting him to Brussels, as we usually do, we made the recordings with him in the Big Apple. Nicolas Thys, the exquisite Belgian bass player living in New York, was the obvious choice to complete the project. They gave the best of themselves, it was magic, so why would we want cover notes? Sit back and enjoy. Peter Hertmans
Cette rencontre de deux grands pôles du jazz actuel, l’Europe et les USA, autour de compositions originales, engendre un jeu ouvert, tout en rondeur et en souplesse, qui atteint un état de grâce et de détachement propre aux projets guidés par une démarche artistique sincère.